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“We experienced tremendous market interest and the order volume is exceeding our expectations”

As the vertical hydroponic and home gardening markets see significant changes, more big players are entering the market and investing in large-scale farms, with the home gardening segment growing considerably during these COVID years. Palram Industries is one of these companies capitalizing on the increasing popularity of the aforementioned segments.

“Palram Industries is an Israeli company founded mainly by an agriculture-based community village, “Kibbutz”, called Ramat Yohanan,” says Amnon Manneberg, Project Manager at Palram. “Since the company’s inception, we have focused on agricultural solutions for growers worldwide, and later on we expanded into urban farming, and home gardening too.”

Proleafy soft-launched in the last quarter of 2021. “This was to test the market,” Amnon points out. “Even though we haven’t invested in marketing yet, we experience tremendous market interest, and the order volume is exceeding our expectations. This positive interest level supports our optimism and sales expectations for this year and beyond.”

Household focus
Palram’s solutions have been widely circulating between commercial and hobby greenhouses globally. “About two years ago, we decided to take the next step and bring innovative solutions for the urban indoor grower as well,” he continues. The concept is to enable home growers to grow their own healthy, and fresh greens while enjoying the growing process.

Thus, Palram has developed Proleafy. This unit is an NFT hydroponic growing cabinet with 60 plant growing spots. The cabinet is controlled by a dedicated mobile app through which a user can monitor and control his units remotely. Proleafy is an open architecture, meaning you can bring your own growing media, seeds or seedling, as well as hydroponic fertilizer.

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