Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

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Is the PROLEAFY suitable for germination?

Absolutely! Germination can easily happen when the seed is placed in the wet growing media. Keep the covers closed for 2-3 days to improve germination success rate and open them after. You can use a variety of growing media from the supplied growing cups with perlite to other commercially available products like peat or coconut pellets.

How many plants can I grow at the same time?

There are 60 growing compartments, each one can be planted with different kind of crop plant.

Can I grow sprouts?

Yes! For best results soak the seeds in water overnight and then spread over a coconut paper (commercially available) in a dense thin layer. Cover the tray for 2-3 days using the supplied black cover. Sprouts should be ready to harvest after 5-7 days.

More FAQs

Depends on the plant type. It usually takes 4-8 weeks if you seed directly, and 2-4 weeks if you plant seedlings. Bear in mind that most plants will continue to grow and produce even after the first harvest (it is important not to pick the whole plant out of the soil). With easy planning you can guarantee a continuous supply of fresh vegetables and herbs year-round. From seeds it will take approximately 4-6 weeks to harvest greens like lettuce and arugula and spinach, and it will take 6-8 weeks for herbs such as coriander, parsley, basil and mint. Vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, chili peppers and strawberries can take 8-10 weeks. If started from seedlings, harvest time could be halved.
The PROLEAFY is not suitable for growing trees, shrubs and large vegetables and fruits like watermelons, pumpkins etc…
You can use any type of commercially available hydroponic fertilizers. There is a wide range of fertilizers available, some organic and some are not. In all cases, the NFT grow technique (nutrient film technique) used by the PROLEAFY is the most efficient and cost-effective method for fertilization.
You can place it in any level space you wish. There is no need to place it near a window or a water source. The PROLEAFY is designed to be positioned indoor and to operate at an environment temperature of 16-30 Celsius (60-86 Fahrenheit). You will need to connect it to your electric power and WiFi network. Avoid direct sunlight.
No. Occasionally check the water level, fill water in the tank when needed.
No. Drainage is done only when cleaning the unit for maintenance every few months of operation. You can use the system’s pump to pump out the water. See user manual for detailed instructions.
The water in the tank is sufficient for few days. It is recommended to fill the tank with water before you leave to ensure optimal condition.
The PROLEAFY comes equipped with two LED lights modules per floor, total of six modules, which is sufficient for optimal growth. You can purchase additional modules, up to six more, to boost the light your plants receive and speed up their growth.
It makes less noise than a refrigerator. There are soft “white” sounds of the ventilation fan and water running through the system.
The power consumption is 100 W - PROLEAFY consumes 2-3 liters of water per day.
It is recommended to replace the water once every 2-3 months. Clean the removable trays in the dishwasher after harvesting.
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There is a one-year warranty on all parts.
The PROLEAFY is easy to clean. The removable trays are suitable to clean in a regular household dishwasher (at a temperature of up to 45C or 113F). Other parts can be cleaned with a damp cloth soaked in water. You can add a little food grade hydrogen peroxide to the water you use to dampen your cloth.
A trained technician will install the PROLEAFY at your home and will give you valuable tips and suggestions to optimize your use of it.

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